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Located in the MIDI-PYRENEES, HAUTE-GARONNE region of southern France, Camping Vue Pyrenees is a small remote campsite ideal for quiet getaways and relaxation. The campsite has held various names over the years including Camping La Leze which remain on some websites. A short distance from the village of Saint YBars – Camping Vue Pyrenees is located off the D25 close to Saint Julian
Driving from Toulouse stay on the D820 through Auterive until you come to the D25 junction / Cintegabelle train station and roundabout. At this roundabout, take the D25 which crosses the train track and you pass along a beautiful tree lined narrow road for 12 to 15 minutes. Follow signposts for the villages of Gaillac-Toulza and St-Ybars with Camping Vue Pyrenees along this road on the right (We highly recommend this route as Satnav provide much more difficult paths)